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Starting an independent life can be a tricky time, so it’s important to equip yourself with a few essentials to make the transition easier. When I started living by myself, I realised there are a few tips every fledgling single gal needs in their bag of tricks to move forward with happiness and positivity.

  1. The phone number of (at least) one good friend to call at any time of the day or night. Whether that’s to say “I’m lonely/sad, can we talk about it?”, “Something amazing happened to me today!” or “What are you up to right now – let’s do something cool!”
  2. Nice bed linen. One of the lovely things about single life is having the whole bed to yourself – starfish, duvet-hogging, lie-ins, etc. Having gorgeous bed linen around you makes it even nicer. You might also want to try a body pillow to cuddle up to at night.
  3. An outfit to feel FABULOUS in. Most of us have “ugly” or “fat” days – it’s part of being human. So, for those days make sure you have an “I feel fabulous” outfit to shake off the cobwebs and boost your confidence.
  4. A few household tools. There’s nothing like fixing stuff to feel independent and competent. There’s no need to buy up the local hardware store, but a few basics will set you in good stead for basic jobs around the home – a drill (get some tips on how to use it properly), a screwdriver with both heads, pliers, a hammer and a Stanley knife. I’ve done heaps of stuff around my home since I became single, and the majority of them were done using these basics.
  5. A kind neighbour. I’ve always been blessed with beautiful neighbours who are both friendly and helpful. When I moved into my new place last year I introduced myself to the locals, and it’s been brilliant to get to know them better. It makes me feel like a part of the local community, and I know I have nearby people to call in an emergency. So, if you haven’t already, go knock on your neighbours’ doors and say hi.
  6. A journal. The first year of being single is often a rollercoaster. Writing a journal can help hugely, as it helps you identify and capture your feelings. Longer term, it really helps you see how far you’ve come.
  7. Big girls panties, courage, determination and a can-do attitude. This is the most important of all. Believe in yourself and know you can cope with whatever life throws at you. You can do this – you can make a happy life yourself, you can thrive!

Obviously everyone is different – we all adjust to singledom in our own way, but for me these items were essential to move on with my new life with gusto.

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